Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book review: Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte
What's it about?
A (an orphan) girl lives with her aunt and cousins, who are cruel to her- the uncle that she was directly related to is dead. At age 8 or 10, she has the opportunity to start going to a boarding school for girls. She goes, and although it is very strict, she enjoys it because her past experience was worse. Then, when she is 18, she decides to be a governess. That's where most of the excitement starts.
What I thought of it:

I really liked Jane's character, and I enjoy reading books that are about long ago times (early 1800s in this case). It was interesting, and hard to put down! Many parts were very surprising, in a good way! I found it similar to Jane Austen books, but better- I liked that a lot of the focus was on God. Her characters were realistic- some really annoying me, and really making me like others. The only problem: some parts were a little hard to understand because of the older language, and the big words, but once I got used to it, I almost like the way Charlotte Bronte speaks better than the way we speak now!

Why I picked it up:
A friend of mine loved it, and my mom really likes it.
Star Rating:
5 Stars: It was awesome! Everyone should read this book!
I would suggest this for:
13 and up- the old language is a bit hard to understand at parts
Name Katherine P.
Grade and School

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