Friday, December 23, 2011

Lauren Oliver "Delirium" Ornament

Hey! Just in time for the holidays and to beat the boredom you might be experiencing since school let out: a Lauren Oliver Delirium ornament you can make with a sneak peek of Oliver's new short story "Hana." Maybe you need to make a last minute gift for your best friend? Here it is!!

If you make one, be sure to take a pic and post it to for your chance to win an advance copy of Pandemonium. "Hana", Lena's best friend in Delirium, will be released in eBook format on the 24th and will only be available in the UK. If any of you out there hear when we can download it in the United States, let us know!


Netherland said...

Delirium was just gorgeous. Lena is a great main charactar and she changes so much throughout the book. Alex is just perfect. Hes so amazing and of course Lena would fall in love with him! The whole idea that love is a disease is genius...Lauren Oliver is a great writer. Before I Fall was also a great book amd I cant wait to read more of her books...especially in the Delirium trilogy.

Karen said...

Netherland, Thanks for your comment. I felt the same about about Delirium. I'm in the middle of listening to Pandemonium now. It's so good! I know I'm going to have some heartache when the book is done and I have to wait FOREVER for the last book in the series. I really love the way Oliver writes as well. Her writing really evokes great imagery in my mind.

Emma C. Brand said...

I don't think the link for the Delirium ornament works anymore :(
But I really want to make it

Karen said...

@Emma, I can't seem to get the link to work either. It was originally published on this website: Try emailing them for the instructions.

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