Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monday Movie -- National Treasure

National Treasure is the last film in our month long film series on treasure. No turkey leftovers here. We'll have popcorn and lemonade to satisfy your snack attack.

Since his childhood, Benjamin Franklin Gates has known that he is a descendant of a long line of people whose job it has been to guard a treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers. They hid clues to its whereabouts in the country's currency and on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Now, Ben has learned of a plot to steal the Declaration, and has only one option: he has to steal it himself . Even if he pulls off this monumental task, keeping the treasure safe is still going to be incredibly hard, especially since the FBI knows of his plans.

What: National Treasure
Where: The Teen Zone

When: November 28, 4:00pm-6:00pm

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