Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Basics of Brawl - How to Improve

Like anything else in life, learning to play a video game a high level is a skill that requires hardwork, preparation and dedication. However, those traits will often times go wasted if they don't have the proper direction.

For example, common sense would indicate that the best way to improve your game would be to simply play more often. While this will often help, there will come a point when playing with the same people will no longer help your game.

In terms of directing progress, we're going to dissect the game into two separate categories of examination: mental/tactical and technical.

The mental aspects for Brawl include how you approach the game on a philosophical and tactical level. To put it simply, it'll answer the question on what options to choose and why you choose them. The technical level of Brawl examines different techniques, button inputs, and other data that will tell you how to do different options.

Essentially, you don't have to actually play in order to improve. Playing generally helps the technical of a player first, but they must make a conscious effort to expand on their tactical skills. However, this all means you can improve by simply watching others play and internalizing their tactics or even just simply thinking about previous matches and how they ended up in your victory or defeat.

Ideally, you'll seek to improve both your mental and technical understanding of the game constantly. In future posts, I'll indicate which category I feel like the topic falls under as a guide, but they are all interrelated.

Keep Chasing It,
Philip Fukuto

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