Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Basics of Brawl: Introduction

Hey Everyone, it's Philip-

I've been running a weekly tutorial session on how to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii. The sessions run from 3-4pm every Wednesday in the Teen Zone.

In terms of my credentials, I have:
- played competitive Ice Climbers for the better part of a year now where I've traveled across the country to play some of the top players in tournament setting.
- become the prominent tournament organizer for the Kansas City area
- sat on the Unity Ruleset Committee, the group that decides the national ruleset that 99% of competitive tournaments in North America will closely follow
- served as Director of the Smash Lab, a group that uses frame-by-frame codes and other various forms of testing to explore in-game mechanics

When I first started playing, I was really bad. There was a huge skill gap between myself and everyone else I played with. Through time, dedication, and a lot of losing, I got to the point where I started to win, even on the tournament level. However, even now I wish that I had someone that could show me exactly what I need to know in order to win every time. To this day, I still learn new things about the game.

As long as the program is running, we'll be covering the concepts and techniques that I had to learn on my own over the course of my competitive career. This will include the mental, tactical, and technical aspects of gameplay. In an hour a week, I'll teach you what it took me 3 years to discover. I'll also be posting what I hope is helpful blog insight every Tuesday.

Hope to see everyone on Wednesdays!

Keep Chasing It,

Philip Fukuto
YA Staff

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