Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Top Requested Books

Every month we keep a tally of the "most requested books" in the Zone. It's not only a great way to keep track of what genres and authors are rockin' YA Literature, it's also a way for us, the librarians, and you, our facebook-loving patrons, to keep in the reading mood.

Personally, I suffer from the BBS- the Bad Book Syndrome. This occurs after I have read something particularly uninteresting to me. When it comes to these books, it doesn't matter how far I read into it, I just can't make myself enjoy the writing, the characters, the dialogue, the plot, etc. And then what happens once I do finish the book? 

I refuse to pick out another book to read.
I mean, seriously, how many of you can say that this has never happened to you? You force yourself to read a book, because you're already halfway through it, but you dislike it so vehemently that you can't get yourself to read another novel for weeks! This, right here, is classic BBS.

[Disclaimer: Not everyone will suffer from BBS regarding the same books. Everyone enjoys different genres, authors, writing styles, etc. This is a personal Syndrome that does have a cure. Keep reading for more information.]

No worries though fellow BBS sufferers! I think that the YA Librarians here might have finally found a cure:  Our Monthly Top Requested Books

These books have been tested and approved by numerous readers, and it's this fact that leads me too look at our lists month after month after month. Whenever I'm feeling a bout of BBS coming on, I go to these lists, pick a few titles out, scan their blurbs, and Voila!

I have my next book....

So, you say, where are these so-called lists? I don't see any on here at the moment...

"They're coming..." 

Post by: Leslie 

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