Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glitter Art

There are days where I just want to play with glitter...

Have any of you ever sat in front of your computer, or at your kitchen table, or at your desk in school and just been overcome with an urge to use glue, beads, feathers, strings, and glitter? I know it happens to me on a fairly regular basis, and normally the outcome is some ridiculously colorful, useless craft that spews glitter and gems all over my apartment every time I move it. But you know what, I enjoy it, even though I end up sneezing glitter flakes for the next few days. I think it's something about the way the glitter sparkles, moves, and endlessly multiplies that fascinates me. I love how I can find glitter from crafts five years ago still lingering in the depths of my carpet and dresser drawers to this day.

So today in the Teen Zone I was left the task of creating an ornament for our Teen Holiday Gift-Making Party (which by the way is on December 9 from 3:30-5 in the Teen Zone, all of you should come). I looked closely at the wooden stars that were sitting on the desk, naked, cold, and ready to be decorated.

It only took a moment to decide, I was going to clothe them in glitter.

It was hands-down the best hour of my Sunday here in the Zone. I was able to mix all my favorite glitter colors, glue on feathers and beads, I was able to embellish, and embellish, and embellish some more. The outcome was horrendously colorful ornaments that scream for every ones attention.

Here are my masterpieces: 

I spent a good twenty minutes attempting to collect all the glitter remains that were littering my cubicles floor, but alas, I did not fully succeed. Glitter has a mind of its own, and it refused to be sucked up by my hand-rolled vacuum.

The end result of these shenanigans was me contently "ooing" and "awing" over my beautiful creations, and showing them off to any one of my workers who was willing to glance their way (and be blinded by their brilliant sparkling ability).

So, if you or anyone you know is a Glitter Fanatic, you should prance your way to the Teen Zone this week, specifically Thursday, December 9, from 3:30-5:00. On that day we will be providing the necessary art supplies to create ornaments and other presents for your family and friends. If you want to spread the joy of glitter this holiday season, this is the craft for you!

I can't wait to see everyone covering their presents with this wonderful craft. Remember, Edward sparkles in the sun, shouldn't your presents do the same?

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