Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Hunger Games Dream Cast

We're already way too excited about The Hunger Games movie set for release in 2011.  No official cast list has circulated yet, so we've come up with our own top picks for Katniss, Gale, Peeta, and other characters from the book.


Who: Kaya Scodelario
Previous Roles:  Effy Stonem in British TV series Skins

This English actress has already received the script for The Hunger Games and is a fan favorite for Katniss' role.  We think she'd be able to pull off Katniss' look and intensity.


Who: Lucas Till
Previous Roles: Travis Brody in Hannah Montana: The Movie

Lucas is another fan favorite from online polls, and we can see why.  He's boyish, stocky, and cute without being movie-star beautiful. Will he be able to handle the intense scenes in the Game though? 

(Other Peeta potentials: Alex Pettyfer and Hunter Parrish)


Who: Adam Gregory
Previous Roles: Dom in 17 Again and Drew in Hannah Montana: The Movie

This guy looks just like what we imagined Gale would be...he's got the pale eyes, dark hair, and fine features.  Put a bow and arrow in his hands and you've got Gale Hawthorne.



Who: Robert Downey Jr.
Previous Roles: Tony Stark in Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes

Who: Hugh Laurie
Previous Roles: Dr. Gregory House in House

We love Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Laurie for their bad
boy attitudes.  Playing the drunken, arrogant Haymitch shouldn't be that difficult for either of them. A slight edge goes to Robert Downey Jr...he seems to fit the character a little better physically.

Who: James Marsden
Previous Roles: Prince Edward in Enchanted, Corny Collins in Hairspray, Cyclops in X-Men

Marsden as Katniss's sensitive, talented, and good-looking stylist? Check, check, and double check.


Who: Kristin Chenoweth
Previous Roles: April Rhodes in Glee, Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies, Glinda in Wicked

For such a little lady, Kristin Chenoweth commands a huge presence.  Her personality (and voice!) would make her an amazing Effie Trinket.


Who: Abigail Breslin
Previous Roles: Olive in Little Miss Sunshine, Bo in Signs

Abigail has such a sweet demeanor that would be perfect for Prim.  She's a great actress and would the be just the right age for Katniss' little sister.

President Snow
Who: Peter Gallagher
Previous Roles: The O.C. and American Beauty

He might not be nearly old enough to play President Snow, but he does have the creep factor going for him.  There's something very sinister about the roles he picks, which would translate really well for the Hunger Games evil mastermind.


Anonymous said...

Who would Rue be?

lplya said...

Willow Smith seems to be a pretty popular choice. Here's an article that gives some interesting perspective on Rue's casting:

Anonymous said...

i love your haymitches (because they're also my choices) and kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i admire her as katniss, shes my absolute favourite

Anonymous said...

oh and i like your effie trinket [= i also thought aout her [=

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